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About Tazzina di Gelato


tazzina now offers waffle cones with gelatoTazzina is proud to serve our gelato in cones! Get any of our amazing flavors in a crunchy gourmet cone! Tazzina di Gelato had so many requests for this addition we just had to follow through. So the cones are here! Click here to see our prices and flavors.

Gelato catered to you for your party or event!Tazzina Caters! Click here to find out how easy it is to get fresh Gelato at your party or event. Gelato Catering

2013 SWEET CHARITY Award Winner!  

Tazzina's Gelato won the Sweet and Salty category with the people's vote at the Sweet Charity Event put on by SAACA! Click Here to see the SAACA web site. Our Award goes to our delicious Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt. Click to read more. . .

Senior Discount Sundays

Senior Citizens can receive 25% off any gelato every Sunday! Enjoy our fantastic flavors: key lime pie, mexican coffee, lemon cake, death by chocolate, chocolate raspberry. Plus our Sorbetto, triple berry is strained so there's no seeds. Always fresh, always gourmet! Also serving coffee - try it with a dollop of gelato. 

Text for Deals!

You can get discounts on your phone! Just text "tazzina" to 99000 and get super deals!

"We stopped by after church tonight...it was fabulous! The staff that was working tonight could not have been sweeter. They explained all the flavors and did a fantastic job of marketing the product and business!"
- Gaby 

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Tazzina di Gelato is a gelato (Italian ice cream) shop in Tucson Arizona. Our gelato is made fresh, with high quality ingredients. Our Chefs who were trained in Bologna have creative gelato (Italian ice cream) flavors, rich textures and fun sorbetto's (dairy free desserts). Tazzina di gelato is a family owned dessert shop.

gelato partys are in style!

Ice Cream Parties in Vogue!

Gelato Ice Cream Parties are back in style! At Tazzina di Gelato we've seen a resurgence of ice cream parties lately. Social groups are getting together and getting dessert, laughing and having a great time.

We've got a flavor of gelato ice cream for everyone- and some sorbetto's for the lactose intolerant folks out there. We've got coffee and drinks too!

So if you're thinking of having a gelato party, come and see us at Tazzina di Gelato. We won't let you leave without a smile of satisfaction.


Party Planning Ideas

Catering Dessert Gelato Cart

Trying to Plan a party and need some ideas? Ice cream parties are fun for all ages and family get togethers. Our catering cart is mobile! We can bring the catering cart to your party or event.

There are so many flavors to choose from at Tazzina. Your group or party will have a lot of fun tasting all the crazy gelato (Italian ice cream) flavors. Then everyone can choose their cup and share with others. Planning a party can't be easier. You really will enjoy the experience.

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